Supporting Professional Cleaners through Small Tasks between SessionsSupporting Professional Cleaners through Small Tasks between Sessions

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Supporting Professional Cleaners through Small Tasks between Sessions

Hi, my name is Amber, and through the years, I have lived, worked and played in spaces that were cleaned by professional cleaners. However, unless you have a maid who follows you around all day, most people still have to do a bit of work between their cleaning sessions. As I have been in that situation multiple times, I have a good sense of what it takes to keep things clean and functional between professional cleaning sessions. If you want ideas on how to support your professional cleaners, this is the blog for you. Please explore and enjoy reading! Thanks for stopping by.

Keep Your Farmhouse Clean With These Four Tips

Keeping an old farmhouse clean can feel like an uphill battle. However, with the right strategies, you can spend your days mucking out pig stys, digging in gardens and chasing chickens but your evenings in a relaxing and clean house. To help you, here are a few tips to help:

1. Create transitions between the inside and the outside of the house

When you have a farm house and lots of people busily getting dirty all day long, you don't want a small barrier from the inside to the outside. For example, you don't want someone who is filthy from a day in the fields walking straight through a door from the outside into your kitchen or living room.

Instead, you need a transition area. This area could be a mud room – imagine walking in the house, dropping your clothes on the floor next to a utility sink or washing machine, taking a shower and then entering the rest of the house. Alternatively, you could use the garage as your transition space. Just set it up to receive dirty clothes and offer the possibility of a wash.

2. Use lots of mats and other dust reducing techniques

In addition to a mud room or a transition area where you can wash off the dirt of the farm before you enter your house, place mats at all of your entry ways. Mats get the dirt off your shoes and prevent it from getting into your carpets.

As farms can be extremely dusty, also use other dust reduction strategies like air purifiers in your house.

3. Clean carpets on a regular basis

Unfortunately, regardless of what you do to lower the dust levels in your house, dirt and dust can still build up in your carpets. If possible, schedule regular carpet cleanings. Most experts advise that you get your carpets cleaned by companies like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning once every year to year and a half, but if you have a lot of foot traffic due to kids or dogs moving through the house constantly, you may want to schedule more frequent carpet cleanings.

4. Clean your windows thoroughly

With farm houses, the two major challenges are keeping the outside dirt outside and dealing with the buildup of dust in your house. In order to address both of those challenges, you need an aggressive window cleaning strategy.

At least once a month, take your hose and spray off the outside of your windows. That gets rid of cobwebs as well as dirt and dust. Also, once a month, vacuum the inside of your windows to remove dead bugs and debris. Vacuum your window sills as well as your screens.